Uilboek H
Uilboek H
Uilboek H
Uilboek H

Uilboek H

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Story of The Design:

No doubt we are different from animals. No, they can't build spaceships. No, they can't understand math. Sure they can't write poets as Shelley does. Darn! Can you swim like a whale? Fly like an eagle? Can you hear like a bat? Are you as beautiful as a cat? Do you smell wonderful like a cat? It is totally nonsense and nothing more than discrimination to adopt our criteria as mind in a moral universe in which we decide who has the rights or who doesn't and who is inclusive of society! If giraffes were as narrow-minded, as arrogant and as prejudicious as humans you would have no rights unless you are 6 feet tall. Would you like to live in such an imperialist giraffe world in which they cut you alive to eat and torture you because you are not that tall? Here, our moral code is that discriminatory and prejudicious '-Steve Best'


Product Note:

%100 combed High-quality cotton, Organic colors, Special and healthy printing technique, Designed & Printed & Made in Turkey

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Model, Size, Number, Color:


XS (Chest: 57, Height: 66)

S (Chest: 59, Height: 68)

M (Chest: 61, Height: 70)

L (Chest: 63, Height: 72)

XL (Chest: 66, Height: 74)

2XL (Chest: 69, Height: 76)