J Bone X2
J Bone X2
J Bone X2
J Bone X2

J Bone X2

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Product Note:

It was prepared based on the fluid structure of the paints and the compatible colors in the Gra13 color palette were used together. Designed to accompany your daily life with a soft, comfortable texture and a minimal look, coming from the harmony of Gra13 colors. Silicone comes with a wash. This process gives Cotton a softer feel.

Material: 82% Cotton was used to provide air space, 15% nylon to keep small pattern details intact for longer, and 3% elastane to provide flexibility (percentages may vary). Designed & Made in Turkey

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Model, Size, Number, Color:


S (36 - 40)

M (41 - 45)

*There are two pairs of socks inside the package with the same color/size.